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Hi, I am euhuang signing up from Taiwan. I don't know any word of Russian lanugage, but somehow I manage to log in here. I would like to make friends who love the Connect6 game.  And if you want to know something about Connect6 status in the Chinese community (Chinese, Taiwanese, Macau, Singapore, etc.), I would be happy to help.   --- euhuang



Hello, euhuang! I know you from LG. You are good player. I see C6 is very popular in the Chinese community. I'm Admin of this forum. The idea is to know more about Connect. Could you tell something about this game (rules, history, openings, ranks in China, online and offline game servers.....)



Hello, ImpreSsariO. I do not check in here frequently but there is some delay in my reply.

For general information about C6, there is a website maintained by Doctor I-Chen Wu and his team of the National Chiao-Tung University which talks about the rules, news, history, etc.  The URL is: http://connect6.csie.nctu.edu.tw/

In Chinese community, so far there is no offical ranking system in place. Most players play on the CYC game site (http://cycgame.com) where players meet and play with each other. (Andrey has been visiting CYC even though the interface is in Chinese lanaguage.)  And starting about 1 month ago, we organize a bi-weekly real-time tournament for players to play on CYC site and we start to accumlate score & ranking (again, this is unofficial but is getting more popular).  Yesterday (2006/11/19) Czech player ondik also participated in this tournament so I guess you guys can join as well (it is held at 7:30pm +8GST on the first and third Sundays of a month.) You can check out the games record via this website http://www.connect6.net  (It is in Chinese but I guess you can easily know how to show the move-by-move games).

Now, the biggest issue is about the openings. Many people are studying this but not yet come to any conclusion.  A China player (richu333) claims that there are only 18 game opening patterns which can be qualified as "fair" opening. The rest are not "fair" so when White opens the game in unfair openings, Black can win for sure when plays smartly.   

However, about the openings, now a Taiwanese player suggest one approach which may make all the C6 openings study less significant. His idea is called "5 stones swap" opening. The purpose is for truly professional players not to fall into narrow opening pattern strategy; insteady, alternately each player can either place a piece of stone (not a 2-stone move but only one stone) or "pass" untill all 5 stones are placed on the game board. The 5 stones is in sequence of B-W-W-B-B.  The opponent of the player who places the 5th piece can choose to play Black or White. The purpose is to make the C6 opening more wide open and to increase game diversities.  (As you can see that some players on LG always opens his/her games using one opening pattern when he/she plays White.  There is actually nothing wrong about this -- it is just less diverse.) This of course is still in early stage discussion and I guess it won't be adopted any soon.  I post this message here and welcome you Russian people to provide your comments and make it better.

That is it for now.



На английском выложено много информации. На разобраться сложновато, нужно много времени. Может на русском кто нибудь подскажет, где увидеть записи партий в коннект?



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